Welcome to the

United Methodist Temple

Prayer Shawl Ministry

At United Methodist Temple Prayer Shawl Ministry, we strive to bring comfort and hope to those who are in need through the power of prayer and handmade prayer shawls and other crocheted items. Our ministry seeks to bring joy to people of all backgrounds and beliefs through the service of love and compassion that we provide.

What We Do


We crochet, but we would love to have people who knit, quilt, sew and weave.

Patterns and books are available on the materials page. If you are not familiar with how to crochet, we will help you learn through videos and in person. 

Evelyn is also available to help you set up a Prayer Shawl Ministry at your church through zoom.


Share with you your prayer requests. They will be kept confidential. 

Meet Together

We meet every other Thursday morning from 10 to noon at United Methodist Church in Lakeland, FL. We usually take the month of July off.

Please click the Calendar button below for specific dates - which are subject to change.

You can also join us through Zoom. Contact us for the link.


We give our hand-made items to specific charities. This year, we are supporting the Guardian Ad Litem program, Handmade Especially for You, Click for Babies, Binky Patrol, and Warm Up America. If you would like to donate hand-made items to share with ours, or if you would like to donate money to cover shipping and handling, please the donations button below and I will contact you with specific information and directions.

Notes of Gratitude

Thank you so much!!!


Thank you,
Cheri Prachniak
WUA Administrator, WUA Coordinator
Warm Up America! 


Dear Evelyn, you and your group have done a lot to help so many.  Incredible output.  Give yourselves a big pat on the back.  Of course, I want to thank you all for the 25 kids hats, the 28 adult hats and the 2 shawls that you donated to us.  We didn't finish our shipping the week before Thanksgiving but we will finish up next week.  Your items will go out then.  Perfect timing.

Of course, I have attached a more formal thank you letter for your records.  It does include the numbers from our recent shipping.  Sit down when you read it.  The numbers are amazing.  I hope you will share the letter with your members.

Keep your needles clicking.  We never have enough.



 Handmade Especially for You 

“I have been so blessed by the Prayer Shawl Ministry at United Methodist Temple. I have received a prayer shawl when my husband died. I'll never forget the comfort I felt, knowing this shawl had been crocheted with love and prayed over by the whole group. I am so thankful for the prayers, support, and care I receive from this ministry.”

— Kathy S.

About us

United Methodist Temple Prayer Shawl Ministry is a non-profit organization located in Lakeland, FL, USA. We are dedicated to providing comfort and hope through prayer and handmade prayer shawls. Our mission is to bring joy to people of all backgrounds and beliefs through the service of love and compassion. We strive to make a positive impact in our local community by providing our services to those in need.